Welcome, friend, to Stag Land, home of hjorthjort.

I’m a software engineer in the making and a part time artist. I’m currently focusing almost all my energy on learning Java, PHP, HTML/CSS and bash, and reading fiction. Half a year ago the coolest thing I knew how to do with my computer was formatting my hard drive and how to download torrents. Today I’m en route to becoming a PHP developer (summer job). There’s little time and lot’s to learn.

This site is a learning project.

Achievements won by creating this site:

  • Setting up Apache Server
  • Learning markdown
  • Writing my first bash script, just a few lines to automatically convert from markdown to html and publishing
  • First practical use of PHP (previously I have only done tutorials)
  • Learning div-tags and CSS classes

Remaining challenges:

  • Making my blog tool work for remote work – updating this server from my computer See next post!

More to come, I hope.

Please enjoy my GitHub responsibly.